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Freshen it up with some paint!! – Sonoran Home Sales
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Freshen it up with some paint!!

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Your home needing something?  Maybe you need to take a trip to the local hardware store for some fresh paint to bring the life back into your home.  The right paint scheme can easily be one of the cheapest and most influential things you can do to your home.

To prove my point all you have to do is watch a couple episodes on HGTV whether it is Dream Home, Fixer Upper or any of the other home shows and you will see my point.  Home builders like KB Homes, Pepper Viner, Del Webb, Richmond American Homes, Lennar and so on; spend considerable energy and money on ensuring that their model homes receive the right colors and furnishings that catch and hold the interests of prospective buyers.  Here are 3 ideas to get you started on the right path to brightening up your home.

Accent Walls:

Choose a color that will complement your existing décor and complements your desired design.  While bright paint is usually the starting point for most accent walls I would also like to point out that there are also other options that should be considered that will also add the desired outcome.  I have seen s very eye catchy accent walls that have used floor to ceiling tiling’s, rustic wood planks and even murals.  An accent wall doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to look assume, it just needs to be well thought out and property done.

Painting or refinishing your furniture:

This is extremely useful if you are renting and are not permitted to paint any of the walls.  You would be surprised how much of an impact freshened up furniture can make on you home.  An added benefit to freshening up your furniture is that besides making your home feel like you just spend money on all new furniture you are also able to ensure that your furniture has lost more life to give in the years to come.

Painting rooms:

While it will be one of the hardest things to do, please only focus on one room at a time and take your time.  When you focus on one room at a time you are able to see your masterpiece come together as it should.  A few years back my wife and I decided to repaint your home and well, we bought all the paint at one time based on those nice paint samples that Home Depot had on display.  Well after I had painted out the house and my wife and I had a few days to reflect on the new paint colors and our furniture we ended up making some additional changes which meant I had a lot more painting to do.

If you have smaller rooms or rooms with lower lighting that bold and or dark colors may only make the rooms feel smaller.  Light colors will help your rooms feel larger and airier.  If you are considering selling your home, light colors will help make buyers feel more at easy.  I find that when I am preparing any home which I own for sale, I tour the local homes for sale in my area to see how they present when compared to mine in addition to the paint schemes which their owners have painted them.  I always want any home I am selling / representing to feel fresh and move in ready.  Potential buyers will thank you when your home stands out with its best foot forward.

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