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Real Estate Photography And Why It Is Important To You – Sonoran Home Sales
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Real Estate Photography And Why It Is Important To You

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There are 3 key components to Real Estate Sales: Price, Location and Condition!  When a home enters the Real Estate market it’s online profile is an important part of the Home’s Condition.  Home buyers spend hours and even days looking at homes online and very often a home’s online profile (pictures and videos) can be a determining factor on whether or not they are going to ask their Realtor to schedule a private home showing or to just move on to the next home profile.  What this often means to the home seller is that they will have to make price adjustments in order to gain the attention of possible Home Buyer’s.

Successful and knowledgeable listing agents not only use quality pictures they also take the time to put them in a sequence that helps the Home Shopper feel like they are touring the home from the moment they walk in the front door.  Lets take a moment to look at 3 separate pictures which I took of average homes.  The first picture I spent a few minutes coiling up the garden hose and raking up some leafs so that the home looked as clean on the out side as it did on the inside!  For picture 2, the only thing need was to open the blinds and turn in all the lights (and yes I did use a flash to ensure that the picture had the right balance of light).  I often see home pictures that the photographer took the pictures with the lights turned off and the blinds closed.  When this happens the pictures show a dimly lit home which doesn’t feel inviting to home shoppers.  For my 3rd picture example I choose a bedroom shot which highlights a luxurious master on-suite which was just a few steps from a good nights sleep (to help focus my viewers on the bed, I deliberately ensured that the bathroom was slightly out of focus while the bed was in-focus).

The goal of good Real Estate Photography is to provide the home shopper with an accurate visual portal of what a home looks like while providing the home with it’s best foot forward.  While it is easy to photo-shop greener grass or even virtual staging, I believe that when a home is overly photo-shopped to create an excellent online profile that the potential home buyers are often disappointed.  In my eyes the goal of Real Estate photograph is to show the best real-life pictures to potential buyers.

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