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Selling a Condo?

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With so much to love about being a Condo owner there is one area that may be holding you back from selling it.  Is your Condominium Community on the VA approved list?  It if is not then you are loosing out on a vast pool of VA Loan qualified buyers!  VA Home Loans are provided by private lenders such as companies like Nova Home Loans, Peoples Mortgage, USAA, Wells Fargo and so on.  The VA guarantees a portion of the loan that enables the lender to provide the home buyer with more favorable terms.   If you are considering listing your Condo for sale you should check to see if it is on the approval list and if it is not right now is the time to reach out to your communities HOA manager to request for them to file the required documents with the VA.  The process times can vary depending on the volume of requests and the sooner you are able to get your HOA manager stated on the process the sooner you and your Realtor can start marking your Condo towards ready and motivated VA Loan qualified buyers.

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