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Time For A Face Lift? – Sonoran Home Sales
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Time For A Face Lift?

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For many of us residential architecture is more than just designing homes. It is about transforming buildings from structures into living art that defines and enriches our everyday lives. A house provides its occupants with shelter form the environment and security from the unknown which lurks out side of its walls. What makes a house into a home is our abilities to customize and personalize it to fit our style and way of life.

Your home tour starts from the moment you drive up to a home. So, it only makes sense that for most home owners who are preparing to list their homes for sale to put their own style into greeting their guests and prospective home buyers to their home.

Your living room is much more than just a place where you can kick your feet up at the end of a log day. It is often that special room where most of your family activities take place whether they are watching movies together or putting puzzles together on the coffee table. Your living room is that central room that merges life style and comfort together. Your living room is also one of the easiest rooms to freshen up with some new paint and a quick change in furniture. One key to success is to design around function, comfort and personal style. When listing a home for sale, you should also keep in mind that less is more. The more clutter a room has the smaller it will feel to prospective buyers.

Kitchens are about function and style! Having everything with a place of it’s one and within an arms reach is key to a kitchens functionality. Keeping a kitchen looking like new can be next to impossible. Over the years of use, wear and tear takes its toll on everything from your counter tops to your appliances.
There are several ways to spice up your dull and overly used kitchen. Before you go spending buckets of money you need to look at what it is that you are planning to achieve in your kitchen update. Updating appliances can not only change the feel in your kitchen it can also decrease your utility bill. An old fridge can use more electricity due to worn seals, pumps and so on. Updating a counter-top to a more durable material like granite can be a great investment that if treated right can practically last a lifetime. Adding a back splash can really tie your kitchen together.

For all of a homes charm, we can’t overlook the lonely bathroom. A simple way to attack its problem is to use the same feel and color scheme as your kitchen you can create a comfortable feel of unity. This can be achieved by using the same colors such as the same granite counter-tops and paint color. Bathrooms should have a clean and welcoming feel.

Whether you are planning to stay in your more for many years to come of list it to sell in the weeks to come, preforming some basic updates to brighten up its appearance can go a long way in achieving your desired goals.  One of my favorite ways for planning a renovation projects is to go out and visit some open house events to see what my neighbors have been doing to their homes and what the finished projects look like.   An added benefit of going to local neighborhood open house events is that you are able to size up the local real estate competition if you are considering selling your home.


If your are planning to list your home for sale it is always a good ideal consult your local Realtor before you start putting lots of money into your project just to list it for sale in a few weeks to insure you are spending your money wisely.

Anthony Trandem, Realtor, MRP, ABR

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