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To Stage or Not To Stage? – Sonoran Home Sales
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To Stage or Not To Stage?

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Selling a home is a huge task which starts with marking it for entry into the Real Estate market.  With so much at stake it is no wonder that new home builders spend thousands on staging of their model homes!  It is also worth noting that many Real Estate Professionals often hire photographers who use digital staging, use staging items, hire professional staggers and even encourage home owners to pre-stage already owned furnishings.  The décor used and the cleanliness of the home can very often equate to a timely and successful purchase offer for the desired price range of a listed home.

Whether you are doing the staging yourself or hiring a professional stager to prepare your home, you show also check out the competition.  There is nothing worse than either spending more than you needed too.  Often staging the common areas such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom and the dining room gives the home the needed appeal to grab and hold the potential buyer’s attention.  To put the staging over the top, staging the bedrooms can put the preverbal cherry on the top.

So, what does it cost to hire a professional stager?  Professional staging varies due to amount of staging required and the costs to provide the desired furnishings.  According to an article by Margaret Heidenry (How Much Does Home Staging Cost – and How Much Will You Gain?’), staging a home can cost a few thousand dollars.  However, she also provides her readers with a cost savings options of having consultation with a home stager.  To read her full article click on the following link

In another article by Neil Bindelglass (How much Does Home Staging Cost?), he highlights the cost saving advantages of doing most of your own pre-listing preparations.  Neil also points out that often staging consultations range from $200 to $500 dollars.  He also points out that on average a professionally staged home sells quicker than a no staged home.  Let’s face it, the quicker a home sell the more money a home seller saves/earns on the sale of the home.  To read Neil’s article click on the following link

All a prospective home seller has to do, is goggle search the benefits of staging a home for sale and read the numerous articles relating to the topic to see that there is real prove that planned staging not only sells homes in lower days on market and for better prices.  That is why successful home builders pay thousands of dollars to stage their models before allowing the first prospective buyer through the front door or advertising on MLS.  Staging also show cases the home in the photographs which are used to great a successful marketing plan.  A properly staged and clean home provides visual appeal that transcends for the front door to a successful purchase offer.

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